Starting Over
Nature’s alternative to injections.
If you say no to needles but long to see a more line-free face, discover nature’s alternative. Our clinically tested & scientifically proven formula helps reduce the appearance of lines & wrinkles. And simultaneously helps rebuild natural collagen. Of course, it’s not an injectible - but used regularly it does help skin look measurably younger. And 9 out of 10 of those tested said they’d prefer it over injections because there’s no pain or downtime.
Some see a flower. We see the future.
Mimosa Tenuiflora
This tree, native to the northeastern region of Brazil & is found as far north as southern Mexico, has been used for hundreds of years to speed recovery of burns & wounds. In 1985, when The Red Cross ran out of conventional medicine after the Mexican earthquake, they turned to Mimosa & it worked! Now Origins has proven it is also a potent stimulator of natural collagen.
Argan Leaf
Works with Mimosa to protect skin from destructive enzymes that break down skin’s structure
Green Algae
Helps boost collagen production.
Horse Chestnut Extract
Helps smooth skin texture by removing dead, dull cells from skin’s surface.
Lines & wrinkles treated with Starting Over
Age-erasing eye cream with Mimosa
Before - Baseline Lines & Wrinkles
After - 8 weeks
85% showed clinical improvement in the appearance of lines & wrinkles after 4 weeks
85% demonstrated an improvement in the appearance of crepey eyelids
Meet Dr. Lieve DeClercq
Dr. DeClercq heads Origins Global Plant Medicine Team. She has a PhD in Plant Physiology & Molecular Biology. We asked her for the inside scoop on Starting Over.
Q: What causes lines & wrinkles?
A: Young, sun-protected skin is supported by collagen. But in older, exposed skin, collagen bundles become more fragmented. And as you age, skin’s ability to produce collagen decreases, & it releases more destructive enzymes that fragment collagen. When skin loses its mechanical strength, it sinks; that’s how we develop a wrinkle. The more skin loses its framework, the more lines emerge
Q: What amazed you most in the development of Starting Over?
A: We discovered an incredible plant - Mimosa tenuiflora. The bark of this plant has been used for hundreds of years in South America to stimulate wound healing. Working with the University of Strasbourg, we identified the active constituent in the bark of Mimosa. And to our delight, we discovered that it actually stimulates collagen synthesis & slows down collagen degradation.
Q: How long will it take to see the results from Starting Over?
A: Some results can be seen immediately. For example, skin radiance. Other skin benefits increase over time. After just 4 weeks, test panelists demonstrated a significant reduction in the appearance of lines & wrinkles, as well as additional improvements in radiance & skin tone after 8 weeks.
Did you know?
For thousands of years Mimosa has been used to help heal burns and wounds. In 1985, modern medicine put it to the test. When the Red Cross ran out of conventional medicine following an earthquake in Mexico, they turned to Mimosa - and it worked. Now studies have proven Mimosa is also a potent stimulator of natural collagen.
There is an option from nature. This clinically-proven moisturiser powered by Mimosa, Argan Leaf and Green Algae improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Used regularly, skin looks younger. So if you want to look younger, start here, start now. Try Starting Over™ today.
Starting Over
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