Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

    • What is the My Origins Rewards Loyalty Program and how does it work?

      The My Origins Rewards Loyalty Program is a points-based program where our customers like you earn points 5 different ways in Origins Retail Stores and on Your points unlock Tier Benefits and may be redeemed for Rewards. Just another way for us to say thank you to our customers and show how much we appreciate your loyalty.

    • Who is eligible to join?

      The program is available to individuals who are legal residents of the United States (including its territories and possessions) and at least 18 years of age and older and who provide and maintain a valid email address. Employees of Origins are eligible to participate in the program. Individuals employed by our business partners or vendors are eligible for membership for personal use only but may be excluded from certain benefits of the program.

    • How will Origins use the information I provide to enroll in the program?

      Unless you opted in to a more expansive use of the information you provided at the time you enrolled in the program, your information will be used to provide you with services associated with the program including identifying your membership to provide you with Tiers, Points and Rewards along with corresponding Benefits. You can find more information in our Privacy Policy.

    • Can the Program be terminated?

      Yes. We may, in our discretion, cancel, modify, restrict or terminate the program or any aspect or feature of the program at any time without prior notice, even though such changes may affect the value of Rewards, Benefits, and/or Points already accumulated or earned and/or the ability to redeem accumulated Rewards, Benefits and Points.

    • What happens to any Points, Benefits or Rewards I have earned if my membership in the program is terminated or expires?

      If your membership is terminated or expires, Rewards, Benefits and Points in your account will automatically terminate.

    • What happens to any Points, Benefits or Rewards I have earned if the program is terminated?

      If the program is terminated, your Points, Benefits and Rewards will automatically terminate. We will advise members of the effective date of termination of the program and its Points, Benefits and Rewards.

    • What terms govern the program?

      Please refer to the My Origins Rewards Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions of Participation for the full list of program terms.

    • What does it mean that products, services and gifts are “for personal use only”?

      The products and services available through the Program and any samples, rewards or gifts that we may provide to you are for personal use only. This means that you may not sell or resell any of the products, services, or samples you purchase or otherwise receive from us. We reserve the right, without notice, to cancel or reduce the quantity of any order to be filled and/or any products or services to be provided to you that we believe, in our sole discretion, may result in the violation of the Program Terms & Conditions.

  • Membership

    • How do I join?

      You may join the program by visiting and clicking on the My Origins account page. Here you will follow the prompts to register for our program.

    • What am I agreeing to by joining?

      By becoming a program member, you agree that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by the program terms & conditions and by any changes or modifications we may make.

    • Does it cost anything to join?

      There is no cost to join the My Origins Rewards Loyalty program.

    • Will I receive a membership card?

      No membership card necessary to be a My Origins Rewards Member. We are committed to the planet! Can we legally say this?

    • Can my membership in the program be terminated?

      Origins Natural Resources Inc., in its sole discretion, can terminate any member for any reason, including but not limited to any failure to comply with the program terms & conditions and/or website terms and conditions.

    • How do I terminate my membership?

      If you decide you no longer want to be a part of the program, you can opt-out by visiting and logging-in to your My Origins account on

    • Do my Rewards, Benefits and Points have any cash value?

      Rewards, Benefits and Points earned through the Program have no cash value, are non-transferable and you have no property rights in any Rewards, Benefits and Points.

  • Account

    • How do I update my information?

      You can update your information in the My Origins section on

    • How do I check my account status?

      Your current Tier and Points status are accessible in the My Origins section on

    • Who is the authorized account holder of each Program Account?

      The "authorized account holder" is the natural person who is assigned to the submitted email address by an internet provider, online service provider, or other organization (e.g., business, educational institution, etc.) that is responsible for assigning email addresses for the domain associated with the submitted email address.

    • May I share my account, rewards, benefits and points with a friend?

      Accounts, Program Rewards, Benefits, nor Points may be shared or combined. Only the Member paying for the products and engaging with the brand may accumulate Rewards, Benefits and Points.

    • How do I find my password?

      Your My Origins Rewards password which is the same password as your My Origins Account password, can be reset by selecting “Forgot Password” at the log-in page on

  • Points and Rewards

    • Why do I want to earn Points?

      Points are redeemed for rewards through our My Origins Rewards loyalty program.

    • How do I earn points?

      There are five ways to earn points on and at Origins Retail Stores: 10 Points for every $1 Spent (No Limit) Members earn 10 points for every $1 spent at Origins Retail Stores and on When shopping at Origins Retail Stores, members must provide the email address associated with their My Origins Rewards Loyalty Program account when initiating a purchase in store. When shopping online at, members must be logged-in to their My Origins account at the time of purchase. To be eligible for points, your purchase must be made on qualifying Origins products. Qualifying purchases include merchandise, and exclude gift cards, sales tax, state fees, shipping charges, delivery charges or other excluded charges specified by us from time-to-time. Purchases made after you have signed-up for the My Origins Rewards Loyalty Program on, and that qualify per the above will count towards your loyalty points earned and your qualification for tiers. If you have made a purchase at an Origins Retail Store prior to enrolling for the program AND you have provided the same email address during the purchase that you used to sign up for the Program, you have until 11:59PM local time that day to create an account on in order to receive loyalty credit for a qualifying purchase. 100 Points for Auto-Replenishment (No Limit) When members sign-up for Auto-Replenishment of a product on, you earn 100 points upon every 3rd delivery of that product. 50 Points for New Category Purchases (1 Category per Year) Each year, starting January 1, a member can earn 50 points the first time they purchase a product from each of the following categories: Face Wash and Cleanser, Exfoliator, Toner, Mask, Serum, Eye Care, Treatment Lotion, Moisturizers, Face Oil, and Bath & Body. At any time Origins Natural Resources Inc. can change the categories featured and available for point collection. 40 Points for Mini Facials (1 per Month) Each month members may earn 40 points when receiving a free Mini Facial at an Origins Retail Store. No purchase is necessary. Member must obtain the Mini Facial code from an Origins Guide, log-in to their My Origins account on and then enter and submit the code into the appropriate area of the My Origins Rewards section on for credit. Limit 1x per calendar month. 25 Points for Recycling (1 Per Month) Each month members may earn 25 points for recycling empty cosmetic packaging (from any brand including Origins) by bringing them to an Origins Retail Store. No purchase is necessary. Member must obtain the Recycle code from an Origins Guide, log-in to their My Origins account on, and then enter and submit the code into the appropriate area of the My Origins Rewards section on for credit. Limit 1x per calendar month.

    • When I make a purchase and pay with an Origins gift card can I earn points for that purchase?

      Yes, when using a gift card as tender for an Origins product purchase you will earn points for that purchase as long as you identify yourself as a loyalty member. Members do not earn My Origins Rewards loyalty points when they purchase a gift card.

    • How many Points do I need before I am eligible for Rewards?

      Rewards can be redeemed for 1,000 Points, 2,500 Points or 5,000 Points.

    • What are the Rewards?

      1,000 Points: 4 Deluxe Samples 2,500 Points: 1 Origins Full-Size Product and an Accessory 5,000 Points: 2 Origins Full-Size Products and an Accessory

    • How do I redeem my Points for Rewards?

      Redeem your points for rewards at Shipping is free! Members are not required to make a purchase within the order when they redeem points for rewards

    • How do I receive my complimentary shipping on Rewards from the Points I redeemed?

      When redeeming rewards your complimentary shipping is automatically applied when you log-in to your My Origins account and you select your reward. No purchase is required for a member to receive shipping benefits when redeeming points for a reward.

    • When you redeem your points for a reward can you also purchase product and receive this within the same shipment?

      No. When you redeem points for a reward only the reward will be shipped to you with complimentary shipping. If you would also like to buy products at this time you must place a second order.

    • Can I exchange or return a reward I received as a My Origins Rewards loyalty program Member?

      Once a Member redeems points for rewards on the reward cannot be exchanged or returned for another product or service or a monetary refund.

    • Can my Points expire?

      Your Points will expire if you do not make a purchase within 1 year since your last purchase.

    • Are any types of purchases not eligible for points?

      Members will not receive Rewards, Benefits and Points on purchases which are reimbursed by corporations or other organizations ineligible to participate in the My Origins Rewards Loyalty Program. Purchases made in department stores, specialty stores, affiliates not solely owned and operated by Origins Natural Resources Inc. are not eligible for My Origins Rewards Loyalty Program Benefits. You can earn points for purchases at Origins Retail Stores and on

    • Are there limitations on the number of purchases or activities eligible for points?

      We reserve the right to place limits on the number of purchases or activities that are eligible for the Program and/or for any given Tier or level of Points, in any given time period or for the duration of the Program, and/or any combination thereof.

    • When I earn Points, can I redeem them immediately?

      No. It may take up to 10 days for eligible purchases and other program activities to post to your account. For purchases on, points will pend in your account until your order has shipped. For purchases at Origins Retail Stores, points will pend for a maximum of 10 days.

    • How do I know how many points I have?

      Your Points are displayed in the My Origins Rewards section of You must login to view your Points.

    • What do I do if I believe Points were not properly credited to my account?

      If you have questions related to your membership account, please contact Customer Service at or 1-800-ORIGINS In order to receive Points for purchases made at Origins Retail Stores it is required that you as the member actively provide the email address associated with your My Origins Rewards account at checkout. In order to receive Points for Mini Facials and Recycling, it is required that you as the member actively enter the proper code, obtained in-store from an Origins Guide, on in the allotted space. In order to receive Points for purchases or auto-replenishment on, member must be logged-in.

    • What happens to my Points if I return a product or an order is cancelled?

      Purchase balances and Rewards, Benefits and Points credited to your Program account will be decreased or reversed, as applicable, if part or all of a purchase is returned or cancelled or if the credit is obtained through fraudulent or other activity that violates the Program Terms & Conditions.

  • Tiers and Benefits

    • What are Tiers?

      Tiers indicate your status in the program. There are three Tiers. Tier 1 is called Silver, Tier 2 is called Gold and Tier 3 is called Green.

    • How do I reach Tiers?

      All members begin as a Silver member when they register for the My Origins Rewards loyalty program. Members that achieve 2,500 Points become Gold members and members that achieve 5,000 Points become Green members.

    • What are the Benefits?

      Benefits are free services offered to members at different Tiers. Silver: Free Mini Facials (in stores) Everyday Free Sampling (in stores) Promotion Previews. Gold: Silver Member Benefits, Plus First Access to Special Offers Private Members Only Events (in stores) Green: Gold Member Benefits, Plus First Access to New Products

    • Can Program Benefits ever change?

      We reserve the right to change without notice Program benefits, how you reach and unlock each Program tier and how you earn points and how we evaluate and reward your eligible purchases and/or other Program activity.

    • Can I get benefits without making a purchase?

      All Members receive Silver member benefits even without making a purchase. Members cannot redeem points for rewards until they have made at least one purchase.

    • Can I lose my Tier status?

      You will be dropped down one Tier if you do not earn enough Points within 1 year of your last purchase to have otherwise qualified for that Tier. This means Green to Gold or Gold to Silver.