Feel like there is never enough time to press pause?

We all have our own little way of switching off, winding down and finding a moment of calm in our busy lives.

To enhance your #presspause moment, take our quiz to discover your perfect RitualiTeaTM mask match and gain 10 minutes of time just for you.

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What does your #presspause moment look like?

Hot, Hatha or Acro – whatever you choose, you can't think of anything better than getting into Downward Facing Dog Pose and drifting away.

Is your idea of escapism getting your best girlfriends together, dressing up in your favourite LBD and hitting a cocktail bar for a dance?

For some of us, nothing quite tops the feeling of an early night amongst the sheets with a hot chocolate and a best seller.

Where would you like to be transported to?

The hustle and bustle of an authentic spice market excites you. You want to smell, touch and taste everything, leaving with a bag full of goodies.

Flowers, plants and cacti – everywhere. You could spend hours wandering around, looking at all of the beautiful creations from Mother Nature.

Crystal clear water, lily white sand and a horizon of islands to leave you speechless. Watching the sunset with a feeling of utter calmness is your idea of heaven.

How do you want to feel?

Totally chilled, with no interferences or distractions is when you feel at your best.

Feeling cleansed, fresh and healthy is a real focus for you.

You want to feel truly alert, like you could take on the world in one fell swoop.

How do you want your skin to look and feel?

You want healthier-looking skin that is smooth, has an even texture and feels renewed with radiance.

You want your skin to feel hydrated, soft and smooth and have a youthful looking-glow.

You want your skin to feel deep-cleansed and your complexion to look fresh and clear.