• Retinol, the Gold Standard in anti-ageing and youth-boosting skincare.

    It's powerful. It's phenomenal.

    Now it’s time to meet Plantscription™ Retinol Night Moisturizer. We've combined the power of nature and the science of retinol to produce this overnight moisturiser that really packs a punch.

    We put our amazing new youth-boosting product through its paces and gave it to a variety of women to try it out before it hit the shelves.

    Watch the video to discover more:

  • Plantscription Retinol Night Moisturizer


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    Improves the look of lines, pores & uneven skin tone.
    Enhance skin's moisturise & radiance.
    Combined with Alpine Flower & Annogeissus to help support skin's youthful look.

  • “After using Plantscription Retinol, my skin looks better, my fine lines look far less obvious than they did before. My skin feels softer and plumper. I still have lines, but they definitely feel better.”

    THERSEA, 54

    SKIN TYPE: Dry, signs of ageing

  • “My skin feels more youthful and smooth. It has a bounce to it. And the glow – it’s amazing!”

    CRISTINA, 42

    SKIN TYPE: Combination, starting to
    see signs of ageing

  • “My skin definitely feels better. I can see that it looks more glowy when I get up in the morning. I feel more confident in myself.”

    BECKY, 42

    SKIN TYPE: Normal/combination

  • “Plantscription works without a doubt, it delivers 100%. It gives you all that it promises.”

    DEVIKA, 31

    SKIN TYPE: Combination/oily

  • “Since using Plantscription Retinol I feel like with or without makeup, my skin has a firm and dewy look."

    SARAH, 35

    SKIN TYPE: Dehydrated, dull, starting
    to see signs of ageing