Healthy Skin Habits to Boost Your Well-Being

Here’s the truth: your skin affects your overall well-being. Think about it: If your skin is out of whack—dry, tight, irritated, dull, blemished—there’s a part of you that gets thrown for a loop, too.  On the flipside, when your skin is well-behaved, your confidence is through the roof. There’s a real connection between the state of your skin and your mood.  Adopting healthy skin and self-care habits may help keep your skin more consistent—think less ups and downs. And when your skin is more consistent, so are you.


SPF is the single most important product in your skincare regimen. UV rays are the leading cause of premature aging, which rears its head in the form of dryness, dark spots and wrinkles. Applying SPF year-round (yes, even on cloudy days) is essential for the overall health and wellness of your skin—not to mention, how you feel about your skin. A well-protected complexion looks and acts more youthful. Get into the habit of applying SPF every morning. Moisturizers that include an SPF,  like A Perfect World™ SPF 40 Age Defense Moisturizer, make it a no-brainer.


“Your skin’s barrier is one of the most important elements in having healthy, younger-looking skin,” says Elizabeth Starr, Executive Director of Global Product Development. Think of your barrier, which is the outermost layer of your skin, as a brick wall. When this wall is intact nothing gets in. But if the wall starts to crack, not only are you allowing outside elements in, but you’re also allowing essential moisture to seep out. Essentially, a compromised skin barrier can lead to a host of recurring skin problems, from dryness and redness to the breakdown of collagen (or, to put it bluntly: wrinkles). “A strong skin barrier can keep inflammation within skin from establishing a foothold and ultimately lead to early aging,” says Starr. Get in the habit of applying products with skin-boosting nutrients, like Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Advanced Face Serum, which uses Reishi Mushroom, Sea Buckthorn and Fermented Chaga to help restore skin’s barrier by making it more resilient.


One of the best things you can do for your skin is exfoliate. And not just once a month, but more like once a week. Every time you exfoliate, you’re removing dry skin and clearing clogged pores. What’s more, sloughing off dead skin cells reveals fresh, healthy skin underneath that can better absorb your treatment products. “There is no disputing the value of exfoliation to enhance penetration of the treatment to follow as well as a host of visible benefits,” says Starr. There are two types of facial exfoliators: chemical, which typically contains skin-friendly acids to gently do the dirty work, and granular, like Checks and Balances™ Polishing Face Scrub, which uses a gentle combination of microparticles (in this case, Bamboo and Mineral Silica) to pave the way to smoother skin.


“As much as 60% of our body is water but it declines with age. Staying hydrated is critically important for general health as well as skin,” says Starr. While drinking more water doesn't necessarily affect the overall hydration level of your skin, it does help to flush out what our bodies don’t need, which directly affects the health of your skin. Additionally, using the right moisturizer for your skin is essential. The wrong one can put you right back on the inconsistent roller coaster, whereas the right one will give your skin everything it needs to shine (radiantly, not oily). And just in case you need some assistance, here's a tip sheet to help you find your best match:


Oily and Blemish Prone: Clear Improvement™ Pore Clearing Moisturizer  with 1% Salicylic Acid to help clear and prevent new breakouts, plus oil-free hydration.


Dry and tight: Ginzing™ Oil-Free Energy Boosting Moisturizer with Coffee and Ginzing to refresh and revitalize, plus 72-hours of hydration.


Sensitive: Mega-Mushroom Relief and Resilience Soothing Cream with Reishi Mushroom and Fermented Changa to help calm and soothe.


Lines and wrinkles: Plantscription™ Youth Renewing Power Night Cream with potent Anogeissus that delivers youth-renewing hydration while you sleep for a more youthful bounce.